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SC-550 Siren


The SC-550 hand control features a rubberized face with a built-in microphone for P.A. override. Its rugged, low-profile design provides additional operating stability whether you run it as a true hand-held, mounted on the dash, or next to you on the seat.

SC-550 Stealth Siren


Hand Control Unit: 6″ H x 2-3/4″ W x 1″ D
Amplifier: 2-1/8″ H x 7-1/2″ W x 6-3/4″ D


SC-550 Siren Manual and Specifications

The SC-550 Siren is the Premiere Hand-Held Light Control Siren

The SC-550 hand control features a completely enclosed, splash-resistant rubberized face with built in PA microphone and volume control dial that also turns the light control siren on. Designed to work with one or two 100-watt speakers, the siren includes a 6 position rotary switch and siren override membrane push button switch for tone control. A slide switch to control the vehicles primary lights and 4 membrane push buttons switch for the auxiliary lights gives the siren up to 140 total amps of light control.

The SC-550 Siren features several DIP switch programmable options including the Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2) function that enables the driver to cycle through the siren tones with the vehicles horn and Siren Cutout / Park Kill to disable the siren when exiting the vehicle. The control head is LED backlit and the amplifier and light control circuits are protected by external fusing, short circuit, high voltage and reverse polarity protection systems. The siren is installed using a wiring connector with screw-down terminal for the siren while the vehicles lights are connected using heavy-duty screw-down terminals. As with all Carson Sirens products, the siren is backed by a no-hassle 5-year limited warranty.

This product was formerly referred to as the SC-550 Stealth Siren.