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SA-385 Siren

The SA-385 siren gives you just what you need because you shouldn’t have to pay a premium for features you rarely use! That’s why the SA-385 has been engineered to offer only the most highly desired features and functionality while eliminating those price-inflating “bells and whistles” that are common on many sirens today.

SA-385 Siren


4 1/2″ W x 1 15/16″ H x 4 9/16″ D


SA-385 Siren Manual and Specifications

SA-385 Siren Enhances Operation and Installation

The rugged, no-nonsense SA-385 incorporates the same full-featured siren options as its predecessor, the SA-380, including a four-position rotary switch to select between wail, yelp, and phaser, or optional Two-Tone/HiLo siren tones with Manual and Air Horn override; a P.A. system with noise-canceling microphone and face mounted volume control; an output indicator light on the face for diagnostics; external DIP switches for easy siren customization; Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2) functionality that enables the driver hands-free control of the siren by cycling through the tones with the vehicle’s horn; Instant-On; and an exposed in-line fuse to protect the siren.

The siren has also been upgraded with new features designed to enhance siren operation and increase ease of installation. These features include making Instant-On operation a standard requiring no enable input; terminal block wiring which offers simple, plug-in connection; and a significant reduction of the internal electronics footprint giving the SA-385 a much smaller chassis size.

This product was formerly referred to as the SA-385 Alert Siren.