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Welcome to CarsonIMOD2 - The first of many to come!SA-441M - The Fusion of Power and SoundSC-411-RS - Remote Siren With Full ControlSC-1022 - Small Siren, Big Results

Welcome To Carson Sirens

Carson manufactures rugged, reliable products and we have been doing that for over 70 years. Through continuous development, we have found new ways to engineer durability into each of our models so that each of our 100% American made, dependable line of products is “Tough to the Core.” Call 1.888.577.6877!

Carson is the sound choice for emergency vehicle sirens, electronic air horns, and speakers. We manufacture rugged, reliable, customer-driven products backed by one-to-one service and a 5 year no-hassle warranty. Carson is a solid performer in an industry driven by the need for consistent results. Today’s Carson audible warning products are built on a legacy that started in 1972 when Jerry Smith, the inventor of the original electronic siren, came to Carson to develop a new line of sirens for the emergency vehicle industry. His rugged, reliable designs laid the foundation for the SA Siren line, the premium siren amplifier that all others are measured against. Carson has built upon that groundwork through continuous development and pushed the envelope of technology to find new ways of making our emergency vehicle sirens stronger, longer lasting, and more effective.

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